Judy's Zentangle Creations

Judy's Zentangle Creations


Monday, May 26, 2014

Half Mandala Feast

Hi Tanglers...

Sorry it's been so long.... what a crazy couple of months... been away training with my nail tech business..
and also I've just had my big 50.... yeah 50 and I don't feel a day older that I felt the day before....
and i been having trouble loading pictures on my blog... hopefully it's fixed....

So I have done a few small designs so I will share them with you..

I did this set of three half Mandalas that are framed together..

I really enjoyed these... as you already know i love working with circles

Design 1
So we start with measuring out the size we want to work with and i did all three at once.
Then I just worked on one design at a time
Don't forget to put in some guide lines that will help you keep everything balanced..
This time I put in some pencil line it see what pattern I was happy with and makes sure your using a fairly light pencil you don't want heavy line that you can't rub out later..
Using a thicker pen a no. 5 to 8 and start doing the main lines

Start off with the simple stuff first.. just a few lines then some stippling

Now it's the fun time filing in the patterns.. remember you want a
 great balance of shades that will include open patterns to really 
tight patterns or  even stippling which I have been using heaps lately
Use your finer pens 03, 01, 00.5 and that helps with the verity of shades as well

As you can see when you have the right balance of shades your artwork 
will come to life... remember to walk away from your work and look 
from a distance you can see if your balance is perfect

With this design i did a section at a time so i could see were it was going

As you work remember it's not a competition who does a better job... 
it's about you enjoying it and been happy with the out come

Design 2
Again we start with our layout
and i have done some pencil work to decide on my pattern

Then again i start to use my pens and fill in design..

Remember just do a section at a time don't do to much at once

I love doing different patterns around the design

I loved how this one turn out... wasn't sure for awhile.
So sometime when i work on something i'm not always sure if i like
 what i'm doing but most times i happy with the out come

Design 3

Again we start of with the pencil work...
I like sharing my progress photos with you so that they can help you with your designs

This design right from the start was one of my favorites
I could tell i was liking what it was becoming

Sorry this photo is a little dark but you can see this design coming to life

I like to try something different in my designs... 
I'm loving the stippling it just adds a bit of depth

This is by far one of my favorite.... i love the balance of tones
you have to be very careful with the tones it can look all grey
as i have shared before walking away and look at your work
from a distance will allow you to see what is need..

As you can see i have framed theses together as a set.. i have them hanging in my studio

So now my blog page is work properly again pictures have loaded perfect..
Hopefully it won't be so long to my next one...

 So I hope you have enjoyed these designs... 
please share my blog with your friends and i would love to see some of your work

So Happy Tangling


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