Judy's Zentangle Creations

Judy's Zentangle Creations

Monday, August 25, 2014

Spiral Energy

Hi Tangler,

As usual it's been ages since i was last on here... I swear the clocks are going faster... So what have i been up too lately... the same as always just work and more work... Working two job has it down moments... but at least i have my Pen work to relax in...  

I i started a different style the other week, this reminds me of spirograph that we grew up with. I just loved it was always doing different patterns kept me busy for hours..

patterns of the 70's
So here is my version by hand

I marked out the size of my design i wanted and the marked every centimeter .
used a compass to do the circles

I filled in the centre solid, just don't totally fill each square or shape

The next row i did stripes and filled in the spaces with circles.. 

Wasn't totally happy with the stripes so I filled them in solid

I decided to repeat this process all the way around

The i worked in the centre.. Wasn't sure at first what to do but
very happy with the outcome..

So have a go at something simple but very effective

I have a few new Creations to share with you keep in tune.

Please share with your friends

Happy Tangling

Monday, July 14, 2014

Nailart Hands..... and Challenge

Hi Tanglers..

Hey everyone hope you all have been busy.. because I know I have that's why I haven't time to add any new  post lately....
Between working heaps and doing some large designs for a show in August... I have been away to a National Australian Nail Tech Camp..... it was so much fun..

I thought I'd share with you three designs I donated to the Camp...
And yes as you can guess it's all about hands....

At the end of this post there will be a challenge for you all

This first design was done with many Tangles
as you can see i have done the nails in Blue
 it makes them pop out

Blue Nails

This second design the nails are very long and they are called
stiletto nails again i have done them in Red so that they pop

Red Nails

The third design is one of my favorites i use a poster i had in my room,
again i have used colour to make the nails pop but i also decided
that the flower would look great in pinks

Floral Nails

OK challenge time.... here is the line drawing of this hand
i would love to see many different designs..

emails me your finished results and i will post my 10 favourite...

please join in it will be fun

here's my email address

 please if upload you finished project on facebook
could you acknowledge my blog page......

Challenge 1  Hand

These photos will be in the gallery

Monday, May 26, 2014

Half Mandala Feast

Hi Tanglers...

Sorry it's been so long.... what a crazy couple of months... been away training with my nail tech business..
and also I've just had my big 50.... yeah 50 and I don't feel a day older that I felt the day before....
and i been having trouble loading pictures on my blog... hopefully it's fixed....

So I have done a few small designs so I will share them with you..

I did this set of three half Mandalas that are framed together..

I really enjoyed these... as you already know i love working with circles

Design 1
So we start with measuring out the size we want to work with and i did all three at once.
Then I just worked on one design at a time
Don't forget to put in some guide lines that will help you keep everything balanced..
This time I put in some pencil line it see what pattern I was happy with and makes sure your using a fairly light pencil you don't want heavy line that you can't rub out later..
Using a thicker pen a no. 5 to 8 and start doing the main lines

Start off with the simple stuff first.. just a few lines then some stippling

Now it's the fun time filing in the patterns.. remember you want a
 great balance of shades that will include open patterns to really 
tight patterns or  even stippling which I have been using heaps lately
Use your finer pens 03, 01, 00.5 and that helps with the verity of shades as well

As you can see when you have the right balance of shades your artwork 
will come to life... remember to walk away from your work and look 
from a distance you can see if your balance is perfect

With this design i did a section at a time so i could see were it was going

As you work remember it's not a competition who does a better job... 
it's about you enjoying it and been happy with the out come

Design 2
Again we start with our layout
and i have done some pencil work to decide on my pattern

Then again i start to use my pens and fill in design..

Remember just do a section at a time don't do to much at once

I love doing different patterns around the design

I loved how this one turn out... wasn't sure for awhile.
So sometime when i work on something i'm not always sure if i like
 what i'm doing but most times i happy with the out come

Design 3

Again we start of with the pencil work...
I like sharing my progress photos with you so that they can help you with your designs

This design right from the start was one of my favorites
I could tell i was liking what it was becoming

Sorry this photo is a little dark but you can see this design coming to life

I like to try something different in my designs... 
I'm loving the stippling it just adds a bit of depth

This is by far one of my favorite.... i love the balance of tones
you have to be very careful with the tones it can look all grey
as i have shared before walking away and look at your work
from a distance will allow you to see what is need..

As you can see i have framed theses together as a set.. i have them hanging in my studio

So now my blog page is work properly again pictures have loaded perfect..
Hopefully it won't be so long to my next one...

 So I hope you have enjoyed these designs... 
please share my blog with your friends and i would love to see some of your work

So Happy Tangling


Friday, March 28, 2014


Hey Tanglers

O my Goodness were are the weeks going.. It's the end of March already... I hope I find you all well and Tangling like crazy...

When I started this blog I wasn't sure if it was going to work but I've had some great response so I'll keep going...  this week I've been tangling heaps...

I'm not the traditional Zentangler anymore but I do use some zentangle patterns.
I'm just doing what I like which is circles and more Mandala style at the moment...
I'm working my way up to do and exhibition of my own... I have lots of work to do but am excited about it...

So today I'll share one of my favourite pieces I have called it "BEYOND"... as usual I share step by step photos.. this is a repeat but I have done this piece again Larger so I can frame it...

As you can see with this photo... The original piece is a lot small than the one I was working on
the new is 60cm x 90cm about poster size
It didn't take a lot of hours about 10 all up because of the larger scale

the section with the lines in it ...
I use about four different pen sizes so that you get a variety of

Dotting work is quiet easy in small areas but when your working in a
larger scale you need to walk away and look at the shading from a distance
and then you can see what's needed... the circle in the centre
was quiet difficult... even now it think it needs a bit more work before I frame it..
never rush you dot work..

Time for the grid work for your pattern... this grid I did in a no.1 pen
keep it fine..

This is one of the simplest patterns you can do as a background
I use this pattern because it reminds me of stars

Not quiet finished but its looking great


Centre circle finally done but I still feel that I need to do a little bit more work
this circle has about 2.5hrs in it.... see take your time
you have to love the back ground as much as I do...

Yeah!!!! All done.
This is defiantly one of my favourite designs

So I hope you like what I have done and that it inspires you to try something...
Please if you decide to do the same piece of art please acknowledge me and I will share
 the photo of your work on my blog
Well happy Tangling and I'll be back soon with the next piece

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

First Prize

Hi Tanglers...

I hope this finds you all doing well and doing heaps of tangling....

I wan to share today with you my exciting new I won first prize in our local art competition..
at the South East Art Society Open Arts Awards..... the category I entered in is Works on Paper..
I wasn't originally going to enter but my house cleaner who is apart of the art society herself was at me for so long that I thought why not enter...
In the end I was very exciting entering into this competition because I had never done that before I knew the were prizes but that I wasn't interested in that, I just wanted the locals to see my work... but any way  as you know I won first prize in the category I entered and I won $100 cash... that will pay for a few new pens and paper...

I have a few photos to share..

finely finished the last one and it framed and ready for display

My work all wrapped up and ready to go to the competition

A close-up of the three that I had entered

The three that I entered in the competition

Here's me with my winning artwork... one of my favourite

So Tangler you to could enter into a local art competition
you my never know until you try..
till next time
Happy Tangling

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Zentangle "Circle of Time"

Hi everyone...

I have done this YouTube photo video... because my last piece had way too many photos..
hope you like it...

happy Tangling   Judy

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Zentangle Patterns

Hi everyone... my Tangling friends

I have loaded up some patterns... 

this is a template I downloaded from http://tanglepatterns.com/downloads
it's great to play around with your own patterns... and a great way of practising them

On of my all time favourite Paradox Triangles
in my last post I used this pattern in the centre of my design

One of my absolutely favourite patterns
Paradox Square I use this pattern lots

This Pattern Lap is a bit fiddley but looks amazing
this one was designed by Lizzie Mayne in 2012

Another great pattern Cicerone looks affective

This pattern Basket Weave can be done in many ways
you just have to choose what you want it to look
like... great for background on large designs

This pattern Daisy Square you can do so much with

I love this Pattern  Tangled Ribbons
very easy to do..

Well I hope they have been great inspiration for you to try.. have ago and try them out.... or even design your own... please share them with me

 HappyTangling    Judy