Judy's Zentangle Creations

Judy's Zentangle Creations

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mandala Elephant

Hi Tanglers..

Time to share another Creation with you all.

As you know I have a love of drawing Mandalas, so I decided to try some 
thing else by adding an elephant.. So I did this because my mum love to collect Elephants..
 Mum ( Joan) has been gone 21 yrs now but it still seem just like yesterday... 
I miss her everyday especially lately.
I wasn't sure at first how I wanted to do her (the elephant)

As usual I start of with a pencil drawing so I'm not very good at drawing
 Elephants so I used a template from Ben Kwok of his elephant...
 I'm apart of his drawing group Ornation Creation on facebook so we have
 permission to use his templates..
so here is the link for the group but you have to join an honer his work

So next I outlined the elephant using A number 8 pigma pen

I decided that I wanted to do the mandala first... 
originally I was going to zentangle the elephant but I
 thought that it would be way too busy..
 I  choose to do the mandala first so then i could think about what to do with the elephant

Once I did all the line drawing you can do it
 in pencil first to see if you happy with the design
I just use the pen and when for it...

Now time to fill it in...
remember you shading of even amount of light and dark
 and also the mid range of grey..

also remember to walk away and look at your art from a distance
this will help you decide what is needed..
also don't pick too many patterns

I hope you enjoying you art as much as I love to do it... relax and enjoy

no the elephant... I really want sure what to do hen I decided to stipple it... 
now stippling isn't easy.. it's takes ages but can look great

When you stipple don't rush it and don't press to hard
just lightly bounce the pen so it just taps the paper

you will need to walk way from her for a minute to look at the shading
find a picture of a real elephant and it can help you with the details and shading 

It took me ages until I was happy with the face... 
remember it's not a competition who can do it the fastest
just enjoy and it can be very relaxing 

Once I finished the Elephant then I when back to make sure I
was happy with the mandala and that she was finished

All done and I exstreamly happy with her I have already sold a few prints
remember if you take your time 
It will look amazing

So Happy Tangling
my friends

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Zena the Warrior

I'm on a role tonight... three in a row...

So yes the next one if a female drawing as well...

When I did this one I just wasn't sure what I was doing but she turned out ok..

Again pencil drawing not showing up too well... 
when I sketch I do use a fair light pencil a H6 so it's easier to rub out lines

I've made the photo larger so that you can see what I have done... originally 
I just did the main part of the face and looked at her for ages
 before I decide to turn her in to a warrior

I had fun with this one as well.. you can just do what ever comes to you mind

Look at those eyes... just perfect

now she is stating to come together.. so just to finish her with some clothes

I'm very happy how Zena worked out

I hope you have enjoyed my girls I do really enjoy this type of art

your imagination can go anywhere

Happy Tangling

Judy Richards

What to Name her

What's your hair like... Curly or straight..

Well mind is short and boring...

 So the work I'm showing you today was just fun to do..

Sorry that my pencil line drawings are always blurry 
they just don't photograph very well..

but you can see that I like to sketch my ladies to see what I'm working with

so now that I have decided on how I want her hair I do my pen lines

When it comes to doing faces I use photo's as a reference 
so that as I do the pen work I can get them to be real life like
that way your art comes to life

I love working on the face especially the eyes
now the rest of the face.. just take your time and you will be 
doing faces perfectly

So I'm happy with the face and now it's time for the hair

This is the fun part... Don't use too many different patterns
just pick three or four and repeat them

As you can see I have also added an Mandala in the
 back ground.. It makes it just interesting

And now she's finished

I had lots of fun doing her..

But what to name her is the question so if you can think of a name
please leave a comment

Give it ago you will enjoy doing something a bit different

Hopefully if I can workout how to video properly 
I will share how I do my faces

Here is another one I have done but I never did progression photos
so I will just share her with you

So Happy Tangling

Judy Richards

Crazy Hair

Hi Everyone..

Yes it's been a very long time between Posts...

I have had a lot of sadness in my life at the moment.. I have lost 2 brothers one very dear to me and it has been very hard getting into action again... I have been drawing but have totally ignored this blog.

So hopefully I can get it going again..

I'm going to share with you my hair designs and how I do theses by using photos of hair art in hair shows....

First I find a picture of a hair style that takes my fancy
I loved this one because all the balls of hair make great circles
to work in...

So from the photo I trace a line drawing ( sorry the photo's not very clear )

So once I got my line drawing and was happy with it... 
I could enlarge it if I wanted
then start the pen work.
First I just outline everything then I start to fill in the circles
I use many different Zentangle patterns for this.

I have finished filling in all the circles 
also detail the rest
you could now if you wanted to add some colour

I really enjoyed this piece 

I have done a few with women faces and will share them with you all

Happy Tangling

Judy Richards