Judy's Zentangle Creations

Judy's Zentangle Creations


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mandala Mania 1

Hi Tanglers..

I seem to be starting my post the same by saying sorry I've been a bit slack or too busy... well this time it is just plan old slacking off.... I have been very busy working as you know i'm a nail tech and i have been very really busy... i usually do my post of a night time but lately I've been really tired or just making the time for my artwork...

So thought it was time i got off my bum and put up a new post..
I hope that you all have been well and that you have been challenging yourself with your art work.

I will be sharing with you a set of Mandalas I'm doing... there will be 12 of them by the time I'm finished... I have done 9, so yes I have been busy... I'll share my first two with you...

I have done these to fit in a 12x12" Matt

So as usual i start but a compass and pencil and do my circle  to size that i need
using a protractor i divide the circle into sections then I draw my design 
in pen but sometime I start in pencil to see  if I'm happy with design but 
most time i just pen it

One I'm happy with the design then it's time to fill it in..

Don't forget to make sure that the balance in tone so that you don't have 
too much of one... Hold away work work and you can see properly
the tones

This series i'm doing is a Mandala with a Zentangle Pattern
surround the mandala

The finished product No.1

So Tanglers try something new but remember that if
you use an idea from another artist give them the credit...

It's not hard to say thankyou for the inspiration

Til next time.. hopefully sooner than later

Happy Tangling


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