Judy's Zentangle Creations

Judy's Zentangle Creations


Saturday, September 24, 2016

What to Name her

What's your hair like... Curly or straight..

Well mind is short and boring...

 So the work I'm showing you today was just fun to do..

Sorry that my pencil line drawings are always blurry 
they just don't photograph very well..

but you can see that I like to sketch my ladies to see what I'm working with

so now that I have decided on how I want her hair I do my pen lines

When it comes to doing faces I use photo's as a reference 
so that as I do the pen work I can get them to be real life like
that way your art comes to life

I love working on the face especially the eyes
now the rest of the face.. just take your time and you will be 
doing faces perfectly

So I'm happy with the face and now it's time for the hair

This is the fun part... Don't use too many different patterns
just pick three or four and repeat them

As you can see I have also added an Mandala in the
 back ground.. It makes it just interesting

And now she's finished

I had lots of fun doing her..

But what to name her is the question so if you can think of a name
please leave a comment

Give it ago you will enjoy doing something a bit different

Hopefully if I can workout how to video properly 
I will share how I do my faces

Here is another one I have done but I never did progression photos
so I will just share her with you

So Happy Tangling

Judy Richards

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