Judy's Zentangle Creations

Judy's Zentangle Creations

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kitchmandala finished

Hi everyone...

so sorry I haven't been on lately... first as you know I have finely finished the kitchen...
and now I have been sick with the dreaded flew.... ahhhh  don't ya hate that..

Anyway I finely got my design finished to hang up in the new dinning room... it looks great..

So the photos I will be showing today are the border close-up and then the final corner patterns and then the design complete and framed

these two photos show the border design the first one how I started it
 and the next its very intricate and detailed.. but looks great

These next two photo are showing the corners.. I love this pattern it's fun to do,
very fiddley filling in the tiny circles and it takes hours...
you need so much patience... yes I know I'm crazy  

These next tow photos show the other pattern I used in the corner of the square... I love circles
I use them all the time they are another on of my favourite..  the second photo really shows you how much work has been done... and yes it's nearly finished..
I so wanted to enlarge these next two photos but it doesn't want to work... computers ahhhh
I hate them sometimes.... so I hope you can see the finished product... i'm so happy how it turned out

this last photo show my artwork hanging up in my dining room  finely....
 as you can see it fairly large

So I hope you have enjoyed my work and decided to challenge yourself with
something a little bit different
Keep on Tangleing