Judy's Zentangle Creations

Judy's Zentangle Creations


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Zena the Warrior

I'm on a role tonight... three in a row...

So yes the next one if a female drawing as well...

When I did this one I just wasn't sure what I was doing but she turned out ok..

Again pencil drawing not showing up too well... 
when I sketch I do use a fair light pencil a H6 so it's easier to rub out lines

I've made the photo larger so that you can see what I have done... originally 
I just did the main part of the face and looked at her for ages
 before I decide to turn her in to a warrior

I had fun with this one as well.. you can just do what ever comes to you mind

Look at those eyes... just perfect

now she is stating to come together.. so just to finish her with some clothes

I'm very happy how Zena worked out

I hope you have enjoyed my girls I do really enjoy this type of art

your imagination can go anywhere

Happy Tangling

Judy Richards

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