Judy's Zentangle Creations

Judy's Zentangle Creations


Thursday, September 12, 2013

What is neded before you start

Hey everyone....

Please bear with me because I'm new at this and it is defiantly a challenge with what to say...

How did I get into Zentangles... I came across it on Instagram and also Pinterest....
I remember thinking I could do that and decided to give it a go...

so I bought a few things that I needed... and you will need also..... it's not an expensive hobby and you don't need heaps of space to do it..

1.   A3 or A4 drawing pad .... you can get them at any craft store
2.   A couple of HB pencils
3.   I use unipin fine line Pens.... sizes I use heaps are    0.8  0.5  0.2  0.1  0.05
      there are many different brands you can buy.... I didn't have much to pick from
      living in a small town.....
4.   A decent Rubber
5.   A Ruler
6.   A Compass to do perfect circles
7.   A Protractor

You can also buy books on Zentangle... you can get these at the Book Depositary..
I have a couple but mostly I use the internet to check out other peoples work for ideas and also Pinterest for the patterns..... there is heaps to check out...

I hope this has helped a bit in what you need....

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