Judy's Zentangle Creations

Judy's Zentangle Creations


Sunday, October 13, 2013


Hi everyone...

Yes I'm doing a few Post today, making up for the days I haven't..

I love circles... so the design I'm sharing with you is all about circles, plus I'll add another circle design at the end of this blog..

 this design i'm sharing turn out really well the photos i'm loading are a bit of a step by step... I take a lot of progress photos as I go..

1. first I use a compass and a light pencil.... once I've worked out the layout then it's time to start..
this one shows the pencil lines...
2. even thought in the last photo I started the filling in,
I usually do the pen outline of the circles next

3. As you can see I've done a circle at a time

4. doing a circle at a time allows you to get the right balance of light and dark

5. The final one... I loved how this design turned out..
its great to challenge the mind and see how many patterns you can create of your own...
I tend to create as many as my own patterns as I can but sometimes you can have a blank so the I'll pop on to pinterest and have a browse

I hope that you are happy with the way I'm doing my blog... I'm very new at this, I like things to be simple and easy
As you can see with this design I did the same by doing the circles first in pencil then in pen and then its time to fill the in.... this design I called Feeling Lonely...
Why you say well let me explain... this  drawing reminds me of many different people in a crowd we are all shapes and sizes and are very different in many ways... can you see the little one on its own well he knows everybody in this crowd but still feels left out and very lonely... we have all felt that at times...
thank you for check out my blog please leave a comment and share with your friends..
have fun Tangling

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  1. Your art is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us x