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Judy's Zentangle Creations


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kitchen Reno update

Hi everyone...

What a week its been.. the kitchen is nearly all done... just a couple of finish touches and then the tiling and it will be all mine to play with... it's been very exciting... and stressful at the same time.. you know what it's like when you pick everything and have the plans you just hope you've done the right thing... well I have I just love it... I will start of with before shots and a few photos as we go and the hopefully by the tomorrow final shots.....

Here are some photos of my original kitchen.... yes I know it looks fine but it is 30yrs old and as we are renovating the house this is the last step and time to go... the sad bit is that I had to sell my beautiful dresser for the new kitchen layout... I had a very country looking kitchen the new one is going to be more classic

now for some photos of what we had to put up with for a couple of weeks.. and yes I got my hands dirty and helped where I could to pull out the original kitchen.. Pete done a great job pulling done the kitchen...


and here is a photo of me ripping down the tiles..
so there is lots of dirt and dust to deal with  my hay fever is not happy..
the kitchen is not quite finished the tradesman was suppose to be here today to finish it off  waiting on the bulkheads and the display units,  but no it won't be till tomorrow ahhhhhh frustrating just want get it all put together
so I will put up pictures soon

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