Judy's Zentangle Creations

Judy's Zentangle Creations


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Circles & A Challange

Hi everyone...

As you probably know I have been sick this week... so I'm board out of my brain... stuck home alone because my husband Peter choose this weekend to get away with his mates... that fine but why do I have to feel so crappy, so I can't even do a girly weekend.....

Anyway last week I did some new design. they aren't large.. that are about 19cm x 25cm... actually a really good size to work with.. you can have lots of details but they aren't going to take forever... most of the ones I'm going to show in the next couple of post have taken me about 7hrs......

this one i'm about to show from start to finish is very unique and tribal looking...

I will be adding a Challenge to you at the end of this post... please

I'm show the finished product first... it looks great framed in this black frame..
 sorry about the reflection in it.

so the next lot of photo are steps of this design coming together..
first I divided the page into four sections, then I used a compass and put in my circles with a verity of spaces between them.. then I rubbed out the pencil line where I put in my cross.. 
once you happy with the layout the you can pen in the lines you want to keep... with your circles it a great idea to pencil in some guide line using a protractor..
Then the fun begins...

A you can see I have repeated the design in each circle...
sometimes if I'm not sure what I'm doing I will use a pencil to do the pattern first
 and if I'm happy with that then I will fill it in.
Still making sure I have tones of light, medium and dark 
this will give you the perfect balance in your design..

As you can see I did my outer circles first before I added the guide line for the centre circle.
I was very happy how this turned out....
sometimes I have a picture in my head and
then I wonder how it will turn out..
I love the challenge of doing something different..
so don't be scared to do that....
A Challenge By using CIRCLES
Challenge yourself and share with me your design...
email judyrichards64@gmail.com  to me a photo and some details
and I will share the first 10 in a post

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