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Judy's Zentangle Creations


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New World

Hi everyone.....

How is everyone this day... I'm still feel crappy with this cough... not good

Anyway today I'm sharing a Design I did that had a theme to it, I had joined art group online and we had to do a drawing representing God's New World... it was a verse taken out of the bible..

So I hope you like it and I will share my interpretation of this theme at the end of this blog..

As usual I start my work of with a circle.. and everything in this drawing has a meaning.

The Mandala in this drawing is the New World
I remember sitting for awhile thinking about what to do and how to make it to look interesting
And the finished piece came up really well and I was very pleases with it... being I hadn't been doing this type of work for very long..
The New World
The verse in the bible talked about the New world for God's chosen people..
So this is my repetition of that verse..
Starting with the Mandala which is the New World and happy place full of life
the streams of small circles represent his chosen people joining the New World
And the Lighting  represent the sickness, hurt, war, famine and destruction
that will no long be apart of this New World
The Rain Drops represents the tears of his people... they will be also left behind..
So this New World will be full of love, laughter, rejoicing and acceptance no body will be better than anyone else and we will all be equals
So that is my version of the New World
I hope you like it
Please leave a comment..

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