Judy's Zentangle Creations

Judy's Zentangle Creations


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pick up Sticks

Hi everyone...

Yes I'm catching up on some post...

The next one was fun to do.. it reminded me of a game I use to play as a child.. Pick up Sticks..

As you can see in the first photo it looks like a bunch of sticks..
I bet you wondering how to draw this.. well
1. first draw a line in any direction using a ruler.
2. then draw another line directly under it, making sure it is evenly spaced.
that makes your first stick
3. then you do the same thing and place your next stick in another direction
 making sure you go across the other stick you have already done
4.when you draw your line make sue you don't go across the other stick
you want it to look like its laying underneath
5. once you have done as many as you want, it should look like the photo below
this is were the fun starts always ... you can use any patterns
you can use my pattern to help but its better if you use your own
this is were the imagination works and you get so much pleasure out of it

so the sticks are finished and time too fill in the spaces
you can leave them blank if you want or fill the in totally black
or like the way I have.. it your choice

I hope you have enjoy this and try this simple design

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