Judy's Zentangle Creations

Judy's Zentangle Creations


Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Hi everyone....    

As you know i'm fairly new at this blogging... so I would love it if you could all share this blog with your friends.... I would love to get some followers

So tonight I've decided to share a design I did awhile ago early Sept 2013 and I call it Kaleidoscope.. I remember having one as a child and looking at all the beautiful patterns

I have just a few photos of this one
I first did a pencil design then went over it with a no.8 pen

then its time to do some detailing... this is my favourite bit.. I could do this for hours
working out what to do is just looking at some patterns or just make them up as you go...
I don't very often look for them I do what I like
this next photo is very clear but it shows you how much work there is in it...
I love complicated work and I just challenge my self all the time
A closeup so you can see the details
when I filling in my work sometimes everything seems to  be just too much the best way is to get up walkaway and then look at it from a distance to see if the balance is bring it alive
Final photo of the complete work.. as I look at it, it feels like its moving
hope you are enjoy.. what I have to show..
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  1. Hello! I love following you on Instagram and the other day I saw your comment to another user about your new blog. I'm SO glad I saw that comment as now I love looking at your detailed posts here even more! Your zentangles are gorgeous! I've only recently started doing A4 size ones myself so your posts here are a great inspiration and I love seeing how you put your detailed works together. Thanks for sharing your talent! :)
    If you are interested I post mine here: http://violetsteel.deviantart.com/gallery/45356591

  2. Hi Gina ... I'm so glad that you left this comment sometimes I wonder if I'm wasting my time, but when I get a comment like this I know I'm doing the right thing.. my blog is all about sharing my passion and helping other with theirs... I'm hope soon to do a step by step detailed piece so that every one can follow or do.... thankyou for your beautiful comments